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Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology

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About Group

The Geo-Informatics Consortium is one of the three consortium created under College of Agriculture by Dr J.Kumar, Dean, Agriculture in the year 2012 with an aim to enhance the competitiveness and the presence of the scientists of GBPUAT, Pantnagar at Global level in the field of Agriculturally Important Microbs (AIMs), Soil Qualtiy (SQ) and Geo-Informatics (GI). Dr Ramesh Chandra, Professor & Head and a renowned Soil Scientist has provided all technical helps and guidance in developement of Uttarakhand Soil Information System (USIS).


Our Aim

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Quick Accessibility of Information

The aim of the Group and the Agriculture College is to provide latest and authentic information to the farmers on a real time basis so that information could be used to take farm decisions


Leader Geo-informatics Consortium

Dr A. S. Nain, NABARD-CHAIR Professor & Head, Department of Agrometeorology is the Group Leader of Geoinformatics Consortium. Dr Nain has wide experience in the field of geoinformatics. He worked with Indian Space Research Organization for five years and thereafter conducted advanced Research at ZALF, Muencheberg, Germany under DAAD Advance Research Programme. He is also incharge of Niche Area of Excellence in Geoinformatics for Natural Resource Management & Precision Farming and Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing and GIS.

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Dr Shri Ram, Senior Research Off., Soil Sc.

Dr Yogendra Singh, Professor, Plant Patho.

Dr S.P. Singh, Assistant Professor, Agronomy

Dr A.P. Singh, Assistant Professor, Soil Sc.

Dr Pratibha Singh, Assist. Prof, Horticulture


The financial assistance being provided by NABARD under NABARD-CHAIR Scheme is duly acknowleged. Apart from it the proactive guidance and help provided by Dr J. Kumar, Dean Agriculture is duly acknowledged. It was his mission to form three consortia to enhance the cooperation and healthy competitiveness among the scientists of GBPUAT,

Pantnagar. Dr J. P. Singh, Ex Director Research, has provided all kinds of administrative help and guidance to accomplish the present task. He has taken personal interest and made sure that every necessary requirement is fulfilled in the most timely manner.  

Dr Ramesh Chandra, Professor & Ex Head, and Joint Director Research not only provided technical guidance and help but also he kept on boosting the energy level of the team at all levels. He has been instrumental in development of Uttarakhand Soil Information System (USIS).

The help and cooperation provided by Dr K.P. Raverkar, Incharge CAL and Dr Navneet Pareek is also acknowledged. Dr Raverkar has provided a good environment at the working place. Last but not least the help and active cooperation, directly or indirectly, provided by one and all is duly acknowledged.